PPE Shoes


In our 2-day seminar, you will acquire intensive transfer of knowledge through the many years of experience of our instructors in the field of PPE (personal protective equipment) specifically for safety shoes. Industry - Insiders know that the standards in the field of safety shoes have changed and that there is constant potential for further training so that you remain present in the market.



1st Day

- PPE - Definition & Basics (Legal provision of PPE)
- PPE Regulation 2016/425
- EN ISO 20344: 2022-04 basic requirements
- EN ISO 20345: 2022-04 safety shoes
- EN ISO 20346: 2022-04 Protective footwear
- EN ISO 20347: 2022-04 Occupational shoes
- PPE markings (CE, requirements. Harmonized EN ISO standard)
- Changes from 2012 to 2022 from a standardization, testing and certification perspective
- Differentiation between antistatic vs. ESD (Electrostatic Discharge)
- Testing technology, measuring method ESD  DIN EN 61340


2nd Day 

- Product management with basics
- Marketing Plan / Corporate & Project Planning
- Step-by-step development of a product marketing plan
- Investment plan


  • 11/22/ - 11/23/2022


€ 645.00 net per participant

 including training documents, drinks and lunch


Registration at infoisc-germanycom

Please note that this course is usually held in German.


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