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Certificate course

Our certificate course offers employees in purchasing and sales in shoe production and shoe trading or supplier companies in the shoe industry or in shoe retail the opportunity to deepen their knowledge around the topic "shoe".

In 8 training weeks, in-depth knowledge from the areas of materials, production, product development and quality management is imparted.


At the request of many in the industry, we have designed the product manager course to be more market-oriented and no longer offer modules 1 - 8 as a block, instead each module can be booked individually as required.

The advantage is obvious: Thanks to the new structure, participants no longer have to complete all modules 1-8 in a row and within a limited period of time, but can freely choose their preferred dates. It is also possible to attend individual modules depending on your area of ​​interest

All completed modules are valid indefinitely and are documented by a confirmation of participation. The participants receive the IHK certificate after successfully completing all 8 modules.


PM 1
Basics shoe, anatomy and shoe lasts

PM 2
2D design and basic model creation

PM 3
Benchmarking, style Argo and shoe production Derby

PM 4
sustainability and materials

PM 5
Test standards, CADS and legal bases

PM 6
Excursion - material science, leather and synthetics

PM 7
Style “Strobeln” and shoe production sneaker

STEM—Science, Technics, Engineering and Mathematics


PM 2023

  • PM 1 2023 01/30/ – 03/03/2023
  • PM 2 2023 03/06/ – 03/10/2023
  • PM 3 2023 05/08/ – 05/13/2023
  • PM 4 2023 06/19/ – 06/23/2023
  • PM 5 2023 09/18/ - 09/22/2023
  • PM 6 2023 11/13/ - 11/17/2023
  • PM 7 2023 10/16/ – 10/20/2023
  • PM 8 2023 12/04/ – 12/08/2023


1,395.00 euros per participant per module including training documents, drinks and lunch

Registration infoisc-germanycom 

Please note that this course is usually held in German.



Feedback unserer Teilnehmer

Ich möchte mich noch einmal für das sehr interessante und abwechslungsreiche Seminar bedanken! Von meiner Seite kann ich sagen: ich konnte mir sehr viel Wissen aneignen und bin mir sicher, dass wird mir zukünftig im Arbeitsleben auf jeden Fall helfen. 

D.Schacher - Adidas 


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