Presentation of the "illuminated bag" at the ILM

ISC Managing Director Ronny Weis presented the "illuminated bag" at the ILM in Offenbach.

The introduced leather prototype was manufactured by the ISC. The electronic modules can be adapted by the ISC individually and also customized.

For the presence at the event the ISC and the AMANN Group used a fashionable and spacious shopper available in the trade. At this shopper first the lining was cut out to integrate the lighting system into the bag. The ISC supplied the layout (conductor path, positioning etc.) for the component design as well as the corresponding components (electronic modules). These modules can be individually adapted by the ISC according to the requirements.

The bag is illuminated by means of a button battery and a light sensor that switches the light on or off depending on the programmed trigger level. The bag also has a magnetic button so that the bag does not light up permanently when the bag is closed (when it is permanently dark inside). Further modifications are also possible such as a dimming function or a permanent power saving mode.

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More information about the programm can be found on the ILM website.

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