Biomechanical Laboratory

Since 2013, the ISC has had its own biomechanical laboratory. Our experts from the fields of sports science, sports technology and biomechanics test the effects of shoe, insole or sole concepts on gait and balance.

In addition, we are happy to advise you on all questions relating to foot and shoe, anatomy and biomechanics.

The range of services of our biomechanical laboratory currently includes

  •     gait and movement analyses using the latest technologies, e.g.
    • Pedobarography using various systems (e.g. pressure measuring plates, inner shoe measuring systems, instrumented treadmill),
    • 2D/3D video analysis,
    • Surface EMG,
    • Inertial sensors,
    • manual and digital foot measurements as well as
  •     In addition, if very special measuring systems not available on the market are required,
        these can be manufactured and tested by our experts at the ISC themselves.
  •     Seminars on "foot and shoe" or anatomy and biomechanics
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