Expertise shoes

This seminar is aimed at all those who deal with the product "shoes" but do not have a shoe background, e.g. employees of purchasing and sales departments, as well as lateral entrants in industry and trade.

Management:           ISC Germany
Seminar language:  German
Location:                   ISC Germany, Pirmasens, Deutschland
Fee:                           695,00 €


1. the last - the basis of shoe development (theoretical part)
- shoe history
- from the idea to the shoe
- collection design
- sketch
- 3D designs ("caps")
- Detailing the Templates
- manufacture
- attributes

2. anatomy of the foot and influence of shoes
- Anatomical structure of the foot
- from foot to groin
- fit
- Influence of shoes on posture and gait pattern
- measuring systems

3. shoe types
- street shoes
- Work and safety shoes
- Children's and sports shoes

4. length and width measuring systems
- English Sizes and French Engraving
- Mondopoint

5. recognizing the different ways of doing things
- Flexible
- California
- strobel
- Goodyear

6. selection of shaft materials (practical exercises)
- Recognition of the most common types of leather
- Textile materials and breathable membranes (e.g. GORE-Tex...)
- Other shaft materials
- quality assessments

7. cutting and punching of shaft parts
- cutting rules

8. adjusting the shaft (practical part)
- Operations and their significance

9. stitching the shaft parts
- Yarns and twists
- Seam types (holding seams and decorative seams)
- Needle types and their use

10. pinching of shafts
- Type and properties of materials
- Preparations for pinching
- Preparation of soles and sole materials

11. use adhesives
- Handling and use of different types of adhesives and solvents

12. shoe finish
- various finish products and their application

We can offer 10 places for this seminar. The price includes drinks and a lunch snack.

Course times: 9 o'clock to 16.30 o'clock in each case


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