In cooperation with the lecturer Nora Werner, the ISC offers a three-day Photoshop course focusing on shoe design starting in November 2019.

Management:           Nora Werner
Seminar language:  German
Location:                   Pirmasens, Germany
Fee:                           890,00 € plus VAT per person, min. 8 participants, subject to change without notice

Target group:          Shoe modellers/designers, product managers, product developers

Advantages:            faster and more cost-effective collection planning/change/coordination through:
                                 - realistic visualization already before cut & model
                                 - Quickly and easily test and decide on customization
                                 - Visualize material/colors before ordering
                                 - test the acceptance in advance

Course goal:          To learn the necessary program functions using general examples.
                                Afterwards deepening at the own, individual model with the goal of a finished
                                Renderings at the end of the course.


        Introduction & Photoshop basics with practical application
        (image editing, adaptation, assembly, getting to know the tools, organization in Photoshop)
        Create surfaces and seams in Illustrator, export to Photoshop
        Procedure Shading, material visualization, coloring
        (Getting to know the functions using a simple, predefined example)
        Development of an individual style, drawing / colour concept
        Create areas & seams in Illustrator, Export
        (Deepening at own example)
        Shading in Photoshop: automatic, fast & manual shading capabilities
        (deepening at own example)
        Color and textured elaboration of your own model
        Presentation of the shoe / assembly in the surroundings / staging


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