Anatomy and biomechanics

Understanding walking

Expand your knowledge of the fascinating world of foot anatomy and biomechanics!

To understand and optimize the relationship between the human foot and footwear, a solid grasp of foot anatomy and biomechanics is essential. Proficiency in comprehending the intricacies, functions, and requirements of the foot empowers professionals in the footwear industry to make informed decisions regarding design, development, manufacturing, and retail.
In our two-day seminar, you will gain a comprehensive insight into the anatomy of the foot and learn about the most important structures and functions that are essential for understanding foot movements and their underlying mechanisms.

Our seminar offers you a unique opportunity to deepen your knowledge of foot structure, functionality and gait analysis. We will address common foot issues and give you practical tips on how to improve the fit and comfort of footwear. We will also discuss the latest technological advances and research findings. Our established approach combines theory and practice for an optimal learning experience. Benefit from our biomechanics lab, where you will deepen your new knowledge with practical examples.

Take the opportunity to expand your expertise, acquire fresh perspectives and set your business apart with high-quality footwear that caters to the anatomical requirements of the foot. Our feet literally carry us through our lives and should be supported in this task with the best possible footwear.


Anatomy of the Foot:
Anatomical structures of the foot including bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves.

Development of the foot:
Evolutionary adaptations of the foot and its functionality for bipedal gait. Insights into the development of the foot throughout childhood.

Foot variations and deformities: 
Natural variations in foot anatomy such as foot shapes, toe angles or instep heights. Foot deformities such as flat feet, splay feet, hallux valgus and their effects on foot biomechanics.

Biomechanics of walking and running:
Effects of footwear on foot function and gait including fit, cushioning, stability and flexibility. Movement patterns of walking and running, examination of gait patterns and gait parameters in the biomechanics laboratory using treadmill, pressure measurement plate, and pressure measurement soles


  • 24.09. - 25.09.2024


€ 697,00 without tax per person (from 01.01.2024)
including training documents, drinks & lunch

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