Biomechanical Laboratory

ISC operates its own biomechanical laboratory, overseen by experts in sports medical technology and biomechanics. This facility serves as the epicenter of our research activities. Here, we not only perform analyses focused on the foot and footwear, but also delve into broader aspects of human movement. Our work extends to the development and rigorous testing of novel and innovative concepts.

Whether contract research from industry or non-profit research, the application of state-of-the-art measurement techniques is an integral part of our work. Our research methods include:

  • Foot pressure measurements (pedobarography) with pressure measurement plate, sensor insole system and instrumented treadmill.
  • Motion reconstruction and joint angle analysis using 2D/3D video analysis
  • Muscle activity measurement via surface EMG (electromyography).
  • Gait analysis utilizing inertial measurement units (IMU)
  • Manual and digital foot measurements (Blueprint and 3D-scanning)
  • Furthermore, within the scope of our research projects, we design customized measurement systems not commercially available.

In our seminar "Anatomy & Biomechanics - Understanding Walking," participants have the unique opportunity to directly engage with these measurement systems and acquire practical insights through hands-on exercises.

Would you like to learn more about our research or the biomechanical laboratory? Do not hesitate to contact us. We welcome your inquiries.

In the AiF-funded IRIS project (Instrumented Rehabilitation Systems to Identify Specific Movement Patterns), kinematic reconstructions of movements on an ergometer are performed. This involves a 3D reconstruction of the movement of distinct anatomical landmarks (green dots) and the visualization of motion paths (green lines) for the back and left side of the body (red segments).
blue = pedals, orange = right side of the body.



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