Shoe development

Together from the last to the series product

Shoe development - from the last to the series product - is an exciting process in which every detail is carefully thought out. From the initial design of the last to the final production, several steps are necessary to ensure a high-quality shoe.

Shoe development requires a lot of know-how, experience and attention to detail.

On this basis, shoes are created that are not only fashionable and functional, but also offer maximum comfort and durability. We will be happy to assist you with our expertise in the implementation of your shoe development.The process begins with the creation of the last, which serves as the foundation for building the shoe. Considerations like fit, comfort, and design are taken into account. Next, the upper material is chosen and cut to achieve the desired aesthetics and durability.

Design development

  • Design of the outsole - From the first sketch to the rendering 2D/3D
  • Design of the upper - from the first sketch to the rendering 2D/3D
  • Upon request, sourcing for the selection of upper and lining materials can be provided

Upper development

  • Last Copy
  • Creation of the Basic Model
  • Digitalization of the Basic Model
  • Detailing of the Upper Pattern (Templates)
  • Provision of Digital Data

Outsole development

  • • 2D Renderings
  • • 3D CAD Data using Rhino7
  • • 3D Printing of Outsole - Marquette or Rapid Prototype
  • • Adjustments of Design and Functional Modules prior to Mold Investment

The next step is the assembly of the shoe, where the upper material is connected to the sole. Various techniques such as gluing or stitching are used to ensure a strong connection between the upper and the outsole. After assembly, the finishing process takes place, which serves to optimize the tactile feel, suppleness of the upper, and overall comfort of the final shoe.

In our learning factory, most construction methods for producing upper prototypes can be implemented. Once the prototype is completed, the testing phase begins, during which the shoe's functionality and durability are assessed. Various tests are conducted in our physical and chemical laboratories. In the area of personal protective equipment (PPE) and safety footwear, it is ensured that the shoe meets the requirements of relevant standards.

After a successful test phase of the prototype (model size), the next step is the implementation of series production, where the shoe is manufactured in larger quantities. Here, the individual steps of the shoe development are implemented in an efficient production process to achieve consistent qualities.


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